5 Refreshing Summer Cocktails with Gin!

Gin has definitely made a come back in the past few years. This Juniper based drink, initially known as high society’s vodka has resurrected itself as the most trending spirit lately. Gin-based concoctions have taken the cocktail world by storm. You cannot miss the sudden boom of gin-based drinks at any bar you visit. 

The sudden rise of this botanical spirit can be contributed to three main factors: It’s affordability, it’s versatility and the craft beer and spirits movement. Gin is not only an interesting drink to explore but the hints and flavours of juniper berries and aroma pine make it an adventurous option. Its botanicals give it a character like no other, and different brands can have varying flavour profiles.

Keeping in mind the eclectic taste of Gin, it makes for an essential spirit in your bar cabinet for those moments you want to whip up some amazing drinks. So, we give you the best cocktails to satisfy all your house-party hosting needs!

  1. Beat the heat with The Cucumber Gin Cooler

Your summer just became better with this refreshing Gin Cooler. The cucumber and the botanicals in the Gin are a match made in heaven, and we can’t wait to have a taste of it! This cocktail might sound very hydrating, but is in fact, very strong. So we would recommend pacing yourself!


2-5 cucumber slices

2 ounces gin

3 ounces club soda


Mash the cucumber in the bottom of a glass, top with ice, gin, and club soda.

2. French 75 for the tasteful drinker

Imagine a summer full of sparkling wine and gin, what gets better than this? The bitter hints of juniper mixed with the sweet tinge of sparkling wine make this cocktail one for any and every occasion. Whether you are hosting a brunch or just a Friday night in with your friends, add a bit of sparkle to it with this drink!


Well-chilled sparkling wine/champagne 2 ounces

Gin 1 ounces

Lemon juice .5 ounce

1 bar spoon simple syrup

Lemon twist to garnish


Shake gin, lemon juice, and simple syrup together with ice, then strain into a glass. 

Top with sparkling wine, give a quick stir and garnish with a twist of lemon

3. Negroni for an Italian summer

A sweet treat for your tastebuds, this cocktail is the perfect choice for a pre-dinner party. This famous drink includes sweet vermouth, Campari and gin. All these ingredients are variations of aperitifs which induce an appetite. The classic Campari is well-known for its bitter taste, but once you develop a knack for it, nothing else compares. Use this to your advantage to throw that perfect dinner party!


Gin 25ml

Vermouth 25ml

Campari 25ml 

1 orange


Pour the gin, sweet vermouth and Campari into a glass filled with ice. 

Stir it to your desired taste. 

Zest the orange with true Italian flair over the glass and add the citrus to the mix. 

4. The perfect English garden cocktail

 A classic drink with an invigorating twist. Gin, elderflower, and cucumber: typical British ingredients that are perfect for a delightful gin cocktail. English garden is really easy to make and could be made in a jug as well.


Gin 50ml

St Germain elderflower liqueur 25ml

Apple juice 75ml, not from concentrate

Lime juice 10ml

Cucumber ribbons to serve


Shake all the ingredients with ice and strain into a tall glass filled with fresh ice.

Garnish with cucumbers and serve

5. Limoncello and thyme collins for the sweet tooth

Pairing this Italian liqueur in cocktails is easier than you might think. Use it as a gift, do shots, make ice lollies or just mix it up this way on a collins! The thyme twist on this cocktail is sure to woo your house guest. 



Lemons 10

Vodka 700ml

Thyme a few sprigs (optional)

Caster sugar 300g

Gin 35ml


Thyme a sprig

Lemon a thin slice


Pour 25 ml of Limoncello and gin into a glass, fill with ice, then top with soda and garnish with a sprig of thyme and a lemon slice.

With the unmistakable taste of gin and refreshing concoctions detailed above, throwing a party with the perfect set of cocktails becomes a breeze. So next time you are thinking of hosting a summer brunch or party, be confident because you know the secret to make amazing cocktails!

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