Coconut Liqueur will Change the Way you taste alcohol

Whether you’re bidding adieu to the long warm days of summer or bringing them in, Coconut Liqueur is always a welcome option! The sweet richness of coconut is something that will remind you of lush tropical nights, even if you are sitting under snow-capped mountains. It will remind you of the sweet days you spent under the starry skies just sipping on cocktails, taking it all for granted. The flavor will surely linger on your lips for longer than you had anticipated. Many people might have confused the taste of coconut tequila with slightly not-so-amazing flavors. But if you opt for a premium-quality liqueur you will be all praises. Rather than being synthetic and oily, it will taste pleasantly sweet and will beg for some pineapple juice, tropical fruits and maybe a splash of rum! We took the liberty of giving you a low-down of our top-picks.

1800 Coconut Tequila

Made from 100% Blue agave picked in Mexico, 1800 has taken their wonderful triple distilled Blanco tequila and infused it with real coconut. A wonderful infusion of the tropics and Mexico, this is best enjoyed sipped or added to cocktails.

Dead Man’s Fingers

This particular variation is based around the tropical flavors of coconuts and works wonderfully in all manner of mixed drinks and cocktails.

Mahiki Coconut Rum Liqueur

This delicious coconut-based liqueur from Mahiki is now in a magnificent 1L bottle. Excellent for tropical-style cocktails, and great for mixing with fruit juices, or just to have as shots!


This lush coconut vodka is made from some of the purest groundwater in the world with a punch of natural flavors. Enjoy it neat when chilled or as a cocktail base for the best flavors!

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