Did we hear someone say that Vodka is gluten-free?

It’s a Friday night and all you want to do is head to the pub to drink to that promotion or to drown your sorrows after a spat with the boss. And all of a sudden your spirits are dampened (pun intended) when you remember that you are gluten intolerant and you need a drink which is gluten-free. Gluten is a type of protein found in grains like wheat, barley, and rye but you can put your worries aside and grab that vodka without wondering if it is gluten-free?

Ask your bartender ‘Is Vodka gluten-free?’

 According to Coeliac UK, all wines, spirits, and liqueur are gluten-free and this can be attributed to their manufacturing process. The process of distillation used in spirits removes any hint of gluten from them even if the spirit has been made from something like barley which includes gluten. However, if you wish to be certain about the fact that the drink you have chosen is gluten-free, you can pick up something which has been made from naturally gluten-free ingredients, like a potato or corn vodka. 

 Does distillation remove all gluten?

Vodka made from gluten-free ingredients can be the perfect choice for vodka lovers who have coeliac disease or are non-coeliac but gluten sensitive. For them sometimes vodka that has been made from grains proves to be harmful. Though most experts believe that distillation removes all traces of gluten from vodka but even after distillation, tiny particles of gluten might remain in it.

Vodka that has been made from gluten active ingredients like wheat and rye sometimes contains tiny fragments that might be harmless for others but not so much for the immune system of people who are sensitive to gluten. There have been several cases of gluten intolerant people, reacting to vodka that been made out of wheat, barley or rye. Whether it is the tiny particles of gluten or something else other than that in the vodka which causes a reaction, is yet to be proven scientifically.


This Vodka is completely potato-based and is perfectly safe for gluten intolerant folks. Chase Vodka has been made by the makers of Tyrell’s potato crisps. It also featured on the BBC TV program ‘Oz and James drink to Britain’. 


The next on the list is Glens and is triple distilled which removed even the fine particles of gluten protein making it one of the preferred drinks of gluten-free vodka lovers

Chopin Potato

 This one is a winner, literally. This vodka has won several accolades in the spirit world and is quite popular among vodka lovers looking for gluten-free option with a smoother taste. A fun fact about Chopin potato is that almost five kilos of potatoes go in making a single bottle of Chopin Potato Vodka.

Ciroc Red Berry

 Distilled five times and infused with raspberry, strawberry and other natural flavours, Ciroc Red Berry is certainly the most preferred vodka option having no gluten.

Grey Goose

 Although this one is made from wheat, the distillation process removes all traces of gluten from it. And to top this off, it is organic. Grey good typically offers your palate toasty and smoky wheat and a fruity zesty flavour. While Grey Goose l’Orange offers a deep aroma of ripe oranges, Grey Goose Cherry Noir has a sharp hint of cherries and is made from Harvested Basque black cherries procured from a small village in western France. It can be enjoyed on the rocks as well as a part of some really quirky cocktails.

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