Does vodka freeze? And other awesome things you didn’t know about Vodka

Vodka does have magical abilities. Oh no, we aren’t talking about how it makes you feel after a drink or two but how it has amazing physical properties that will amaze you. Have you ever tried putting a vodka bottle in the freezer? If you haven’t, now is your chance to do it and we are sure you are going to do that right after you read this blog. Well, for those of you who have already tried this, you know the answer to what happens to vodka when you try to freeze it. It doesn’t freeze! Want to know why?

Does Vodka really freeze?

 If you put liquor like beer and wine in the freezer they would freeze rock solid like any other liquid but not Vodka. Beer and wine would follow the scientific properties of freezing and once frozen the contents would expand, eventually cracking the bottle. But even if you keep vodka in the freezer for months, it would still come out sloshing around in the bottle. The reason behind this weird phenomenon is the freezing point of alcohol is far lower than the freezing point of most liquids, including water which freezes at 32 degrees F. Pure ethanol alcohol freezes at-173 degrees but since all alcohols are a combination of alcohol and water, the freezing points of each differs and depends on their composition. 

Why do beer and wine freeze then? It is because of their low alcohol content compared to other forms of hard liquor. Vodka has a high alcohol content: around 40 per cent. It has a freezing point around -16 degrees F and that is why putting it in the freezer will not freeze it like beer or wine. When you put a bottle of any alcohol in the freezer that you have at home, the water content in it freezes, making the liquor more viscous and thicker but since the alcohol part of it has a lower freezing point ,it doesn’t freeze at all like in the case of vodka or takes a long time. 

Another reason vodka wouldn’t freeze in the traditional freezer you have at home is because those freezers go only up to 0 degree F and vodka needs a temperature around -16 degrees F to freeze, a level which isn’t touched by your average freezer. Even whiskey and rum have almost the same alcohol content as vodka and so do not turn rock solid when you pop them in your home freezer. The only reason you wouldn’t find people keeping these liquor bottles cold is that freezing changes the flavour and scent of liquor. With vodka, unless it is a flavoured one, you don’t need to worry about any alteration in its flavour and scent.

What is even more amazing about Vodka

Vodka is gluten-free

The distillation process of vodka is such that it removes all traces of gluten from it. There are also options like potato, corn and grape vodka to choose from since it is made from gluten-free ingredients.

You couldn’t buy Vodka during World War II in Russia

Russia lost a third of its income during this time by imposing a ban on the sale of Vodka.

Vodka flavour couldn’t get any weirder

You have heard of potato vodka and corn vodka but now you can even get flavours like bacon, blueberry pancake, PB&J, buttered popcorn, and a dill pickle to name a few. Want to hear something weirder? There are also flavours like fresh-cut grass, salmon and scorpion vodka which even has a scorpion inside the bottle.

Vodka is the cure to your pain (pun intended)

Out on an adventurous trip and you’ve hurt yourself? If you have some Vodka handy, it can act as a disinfectant. Not to mention, that you can have a swig from the bottle after to make yourself feel better. 

Vodka is lighter than water

1 litre of water would amount to 1000 gms but 1 litre of Vodka would make only 950 gm! 

Vodka is healthy

You heard it right. This is because one shot of vodka contains only 90 calories where a single can of beer contains at least 150 calories. A vodka soda contains even lesser calories: only 70. How’s that for a fun fact?

It can be the most expensive 

World’s most expensive bottle of Vodka is priced at $3.75 million. This billionaire vodka as it is called is super expensive because it is triple distilled and filtered through the ice, sand from crushed gems and Nordic birch charcoal. Even the bottle of this vodka is embellished with diamonds and gold labels. Once you buy this vodka, it is delivered in style by a courier guy wearing gloves!

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