Drinking with finesse: 5 best Types of Red Wine!

Red wine might be your go-to choice of drink after a long day’s work, and for good reason. Moderate intake of red wine might just be better for you than not drinking it at all. There are many benefits to drinking red wine and we’re not complaining at all! The antioxidants found in reds have been proven to lower incidences of cardiovascular disease, mortality, type-2 diabetes, and even lower anxiety and relieve stress. So pouring yourself a glass of nice red might just be the best thing you do for yourself! 

We break down a few of the best typed of red wines to choose from. Thank us later!


The most popular and most planted variety of red from Italy, Sangiovese is Italy’s national vino. This type of red is lighter in its body, more tart and has more acidity than other styles. It is dry, savoury and can be a bit harsh at the same time. A wine that is better enjoyed with food, it is better to pair it with something than drink it alone.

You can pair this medium weighted wine with a range of foods. Sangiovese’s savoury flavour makes it compatible with herbs and tomatoes. This technique brings out more fruity flavours in the wine. Pair it with hard cheeses, cured sausages and roasted meats for the best experience. 

2. Shiraz/Syrah

You might be confusing the name of this wine with another French blend, Syrah. To clarify this common misconception, we tell you the difference between the two. Shiraz and Syrah both are made from the same grape genetically. Syrah is a leaner blend than the Australian blend, Shiraz. Shiraz will lend a juicy, blackberry taste, full of plums and fruits, while Syrah has less complexity and a bit more tart. Both promise a smooth finish and are a great option to take to a party.

Pair this wine with grilled meats like toast beef with a pepper sauce. It is also well suited to barbecues, especially for younger and less expensive shiraz. Strong hard cheeses are also a good option to bring out the taste of this fruity wine.

3. Pinot Noir

This silky, fruity and supple red wine is also one of the most popular red wines available in the market. It exhibits a little more complexity than merlot and has a lighter body and less tannins than the other varieties. Because of these qualities, it has become a very drinkable wine.

It is a great option for someone looking for something fairly accessible and with interesting flavours. Pinot Noir often leaves an underlying earthy note and compliments many varieties of foods.

Being one of the most versatile red wines to match food with, it is a good option in a restaurant if you opt for meat and other fish. For fresh, light pinots opt for ham and other cold meats. Classic French dishes also go well with this variety. For more fruity pinots, pair it with dishes which have a touch of spice. Crispy duck, seared salmon, tuna and pulled pork are some foods which will greatly compliment this wine.

 4. Merlot

Luscious, soft and inherently smooth. Merlot is an easy and drinkable wine and yields a velvety texture than wines like cabernet sauvignon. Some people might confuse it’s simple and sweet texture with a lack of quality, but that is simply not true. Give this wine a chance and you will not be disappointed.

Merlot matches with many varieties of food because of it’s simpler taste notes. It will pair well with chicken and lighter meats as well as lightly-spiced dark meats. It’s medium tannin and not too much acidity makes it well paired with many foods.


5. Cabernet Sauvignon

This bold acidic and dry red is a serious wine for serious wine drinkers. It’s high acidity and elegance make it a highly coveted wine. Best suited for ordering off a menu or buying a bottle!

It might be a complex type but this variety is also common amongst casual wine drinkers.

Pair this wine with a blend of exotic Mediterranean and middle eastern flavours with a Moroccan twist. Best suited to traditional lamb roast and slow-braised beef. Even burgers are good complementary options for this wine. Add a slice of bacon to round off the palate beautifully!

In addition to being a stress buster, red wine had in moderation is also said to be great for your health. Pour an extra goblet for us today and enjoy these refined wines with your loved ones. Head to the shop section on our website to order your favourite bottle and get it delivered to your doorstep! Download the Liqroo app for easy access and instant deliveries in London.