Ever wanted to know if Prosecco is vegetarian?

Prosecco is an Italian wine which is made primarily from Glera grapes, which were known as Prosecco grapes. Sometimes along with Glera grapes, some other grape varieties are also used but in a very small quantity. Prosecco came into being much later than Champagne though people still confuse it with champagne at times. It is basically a sparkling wine and it comes at a fraction of the price of a bottle of champagne. This wine originates from the Veneto region of Italy where a small Italian village by the name of Prosecco gives this wine its name.

Though Prosecco is made from grapes, vegans and vegetarians are still wary of consuming it. This is because a lot of times it may contain animal by-products which means it may have milk protein (casein), egg whites, gelatin or isinglass made from fish bladders; ingredients that put it into the category of non-vegetarian alcohol. The problem for vegans or vegetarians arises at the end stage of winemaking, as till that stage Prosecco contains only grapes. Winemakers clarify and stabilise the wine through a process known as fining before bottling it to give it a clearer hue. You wouldn’t your favourite Prosecco to have any unwanted flavours and aromas and fining gives it a delectable edge.

Did you know that there are three different levels of bubbliness or effervescence (perlage) that you can have in this wine: most bubbly (spumante),  second-most bubbly (frizzante), and one with no bubbles which are called tranquillo. Prosecco can be paired wonderfully with finger foods as well as delightful desserts but that is not at all. It can also be used as a mixer for many cocktails. The very first Bellini was made with a Prosecco and not champagne so this is one cocktail you can shake up for your guests at home easily and all you need is your this wine, some white peach nectar and ice.

In case you wish to get a full list of vegan and veggie-friendly wines including Prosecco, you can visit OUR WEBSITE that has an extensive list of such wines. Several supermarkets have also started classifying in their wines section the wines which are vegetarian and which are not.

●   Val D’Oca Prosecco

You must try all of the variants of Prosecco by Val D’Oca for sure. Their extra dry Prosecco offers you the perfect mélange of softness and acidity. Their spectrum of flavours is centred on floral and fruity and they use only Glera grapes for their wines.

●   Terra Serena Prosecco Frizzante

The Serena family has been offering their wine products to the world for over a century now. Set up in the hills north of Venice, their winery is known for making wines that are authentic and have a unique fruity taste notes. This one has a hint of lemon, pear and ripe apple which gives it a soft taste notes. It is more sparkly than fizzy and when paired with antipasto it makes a great combination.

●   Sensi 18 K Gold Pinot Rose Prosecco

When elegant taste meets luxury you have something like this 18K Gold Prosecco. Its pale straw yellow colour matches the beauty of its golden bottle to the hilt. With every sip, you get an exquisite yet subtle citrusy pear taste with a hint of flowery aroma. It has its perfect pairing with chocolates and apple pies and is brilliant as an aperitif. Its gentle acidity is matched well with a creamy fizziness.

●   Jeroboam of Prosecco 1821

This Prosecco contains 11% alcohol and it is one of the premium types. When it comes to wine tasting notes it has pale, straw yellow with subtle green hues with a rich mousse. The wine bouquet is refined and elegant, which is accentuated by a refreshing fruity note. It feels a little dry on the palate but its pleasant fruity hint with fresh, aromatic notes on the finish make it a superb choice for your wine cellar. On deeper inhaling, you might also get a little of almonds, and fresh citrus notes. This Prosecco is best enjoyed with crab cakes, Caprese salad, pan-seared salmon, and with some great desserts.

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