Find out which Brandy is best!

The much popular Brandy is something that falls under a diverse umbrella of spirits but also has a brilliant flavour at the same time. This spirit has varying tastes and can be classified into being called Brandy only if it is grape-based. The only exception being fruit brandies like calvados and Eaux de vie, which are produced using pears and apples. 

The roots of this word ‘brandy’ come from the dutch name brandewijn which actually means ‘burnt wine’. This process goes back to the 12th century where the process of boiling wine to the point of reducing its volume in casks before transporting it, was prevalent. This serendipitous moment or happy accident happened when it ended up being thicker, richer and extremely delicious, provided the long duration of maturation in oak casks, which gave it all the more flavour and brilliant colour.

Due to the fact that grapevines are so wide-spread, the diversity of the grapes used in manufacturing brandy is produced all over the globe now.

We give you a list of brilliant tasting brandy’s, that you’ll definitely fall in love with! 

Cles Des Ducs XO Armagnac Brandy

This quality aged Armagnac comes in a rather elegant decanter styled bottle. The “cles des dunes” means “key of dukes”, and rightly so. This XO demarcates as it does in cognac, that the minimum age of the contents is at least six years. The complex woody notes and dark coffee and fruit palate make it a surprising variety for a 6-year old. A great looking bottle, strong aroma and smooth and long finish make it a brilliant pick. It also works wonders as a digestif! A must-have in your minibar at home!

Pere Magloire XO Calvados Brandy

This dazzling amber liquid has a ripe vanilla smell with a luxurious aroma of apple and hints of red fruits. The palate is strong and tastes of apple with notes of pepper and dry spice. The brandy is smooth and warm and has a citrusy finish. Store this in your home bar and impress your next set of house guests! 

Remy Martin V Brandy

This popular VSOP Cognac from the ever-dependable Remy Martin is a blend of Grande Champagne Eaux-de-vie and Petite champagne. It is best suited to have had a post-meal tipple. A wonderful choice for using in cocktails to bring out some deep and hearty flavours.

Asbach Selection 21-Year-Old Brandy

This luxurious and high-end brandy from Germany is well-loved and adored. This 21-year old brandy comes in a brilliant looking bottle with a premium stopper. The palate is complex with hints of biscuit, beer and rose standing out the most. It is distilled by Asbach and has 40% ABV.

Baron Gaston Legrand 1964 Bas Armagnac Brandy

A brilliant blend of Ugni blanc, baco blanc, and folle blanche grapes, this legendary brandy was distilled in 1964. An elegant and woody palate with hints of espresso, it has a rich and mellow finish. An absolute treat for people who want to develop a taste for the finer things in life.

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