Giving you a low-down on the best spirits to drink

So what exactly are spirits, again? They are usually the big brother of the alcohol family! These alcoholic beverages are made by fermentation of some form of sugar brewed into ethanol and CO2. Yeast can only be fermented to a certain point before it becomes toxic, so it has to be distilled to achieve higher alcohol concentrations. This is why spirits are differentiated in different ways: they’re distilled and generally have higher ABV’s from 20% and goes up to 80-90% ABV. 

The term “spirit” does not refer to everything you see in a liquor store except wine or beer. These spirits, nowadays, are not as obvious to spot, thanks to overwhelming demand and supply. Many crafts distilleries are pushing out smaller and newer brands with varied flavours to make hard liquor taste like coffee, chocolate or even marshmallow. Brands are also extensively working on increasing brand recognition to a new high. 

Since spirits like Gin have become the more trending and popular choice of spirits, new distilleries have started coming up and catering to an ever-growing need. This juniper-based drink is not the only one keeping their stills alive and active, England has come up with many new breeds of distillers that are producing everything from Vodka to Whisky to flavoured Liqueurs.

We’ve tracked down the best spirits that the country has to offer and curated an incredible list to satisfy all your spirit cravings, Whether you are looking to experiment with flavours, or treat your palate to something exquisite and experimental, or are trying to find a new spirit to add to your cocktails, there is a special spirit for everyone.

The English Whisky Co. Portuguese Cabernet Sauvignon Single Cask English Whisky

This orange oil, raspberry and red apple flavoured whisky has a strong nose of nutmeg and five-spice follow on. This Whisky has distinctive fruity flavours that start to reveal themselves amongst the malt, on your tongue. It has taste notes of cherries, strawberries and plums when you first taste it. The oaky taste is highlighted as the aftertaste which turns out to be slightly bitter. A must-try for someone who has a taste for the extraordinary!

Lagavulin 16 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky

This much sought after malt has a strong peat-smoke that is characteristic of the southern Islay. It offers richness and a dry taste that makes it an interesting drink. This 16-year-old has become a benchmark drink from the Lagavulin distillery. It has a distinct smell like the Lapsang Souchong tea, with a typical smoky smell tinge. This whisky boasts of a thick and rich palate with a mouthful of sherry with sweet fruitiness and a distinctive oak and peat. Don’t miss out on this if you are a whisky lover, it will not disappoint!

Chase Vodka

Chase vodka is a clear vodka which has a clean peppery and freshly sliced potato smell. This creamy and sweet flavour of the macadamia nuts and black pepper give it a twist like no other. It goes down well with a rounded and clean finish with hints of potato. Perfect spirit for your home bar, to use in cocktails or just drink over ice!

Sebor Absinthe

This absinthe has a rich herbal aroma of anise with hints of mint, menthol and eucalyptus. Adding to thos refreshing mix is liquorice flavour supported by angelica, fennel and mint. Don’t miss out the chance to have fun while drinking this incredibly tasty absinthe! Perfect for shots, cocktails or just to be enjoyed over ice. 

Dark Matter Spiced Rum

This deep red spiced rum is a molasses-based rum which features full-bodied notes of pepper, ginger, peppercorns and allspice. Distilled by Dark matter and bottled at 40% ABV, this rum is an amazing option for people trying to experiment with contemporary spirits! A definite must-have for your home bar. 

Pinkster Gin

This gin brings a refreshing and colourful twist to your boring clear gin. The fruitiness and sweetness of the palate are well balanced with pepper and hints of spice. This makes sure that the raspberries are not overpowering or cover up with juniper at its core. Ladies, this is the one for you! Woo your girlfriends with this dazzling vodka and make your nights more exciting!

Birds Botanical Spirit Botanical Spirits

Made from a small batch of highly mixable spirits from Germany, it is produced from distilled Riesling. The perfect match for people who don’t enjoy juniper. It is macerated with 12 handpicked botanicals which include pepper, liquorice, star anise cocoa shell and mace. The spirit has notes of dried fruits, spice and zest orange peel! Something to satisfy every palate, it is most suited to be used in long drinks or added to mulled wine. You cannot go wrong with a botanical spirit for a brunch or even an exciting soiree with friends

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