Is Cider Beer? Is Beer Cider? We give you the truth

Always look on the bright cider life’, said someone who loved cider.

Do you often wonder if cider is beer or is it the other way around? We decided to dig deeper and find those answers for you. More often than not, people club cider with beer and you would find this happening in many pubs offering these options.

So, is Cider really Beer?

The answer to this can be derived first hand from the brewing process, which is completely different from each other. On one hand beer is made through fermentation by brewing it from malt or hops. Cider, on the other hand, is the juice that is pressed from fruits, mostly apples, which is then used to make other beverages like vinegar after fermentation. Though the process of fermentation is common to both beer and hard cider, the similarity ends there. Let’s have a look at some stark differences between the two.

The Importance of Yeast

The yeast strains used for making hard cider are usually wine or champagne yeast strains and so if cider has to be linked with a form of liquor it should be champagne or wine and not beer.

Sugar is an important part

Hard cider normally contains sugar and malic acid which gives it the distinct tartness (think vinegar), sulfites for preserving the freshness (think wine), and natural and artificial flavours- ingredients not found in beer. Cider has 23 grams of sugar per serving while beer is free from sugar. Dry cider, however, contains a lesser amount of sugar since its fermentation process is slower than that of hard cider and the yeast reduces the amount of sugar.

Flavours definitely vary!

Beer has dryness to it along with a slight bitterness. Cider, having been made from apple has a comparatively sweeter taste.

The alcohol content is not the same

Cider is not an alcoholic beverage but hard cider is. The alcohol content in hard cider ranges from 4-8%. Beer has several variants and thus its alcohol content depends on the kind of beer it is; Lager, brown ale, IPA or stout. The wide range for the alcohol content in beer is 3-10% with IPA having it at the highest level of 6-7%.

Here are a few of our favourite picks for you to try out:


Their lager beer as well their cider is what you must surely have in your home bar. Carlsberg lager beer has a malty taste note and its distinct bitterness is what makes it a favourite of many beer lovers. 


Guinness Golden Ale is light and clear ale and is perfect for hot summer afternoons. Guinness is a brand that offers you a lot of choices. You can pick up a Guinness Original Draught Stout Beer which is dark in colour and has distinct flavours of barley and hops. 


Strongbow Cider is crafted from berries and has an edgy taste to it. Strongbow Original Cider made from a blend of bittersweet apple and has a sweeter taste note to it. 


Heineken is a name that needs no introduction at all. Their lager beer has a deep hue and mild bittersweet taste to it. Offering the world their amazing beer since the 18th century, Heineken has a worldwide presence today. 

San Miguel 

The best way to serve a San Miguel is with a lime wedge which brings out its crispy and clean taste. San Miguel beer is known for its light golden colour and creamy consistent foam head. You will find a hint of hops and cereal in it along with the fruity aroma of banana and apples. 

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