Is Cognac whisky? Putting all your doubts to rest

What to drink or what to store in the bar is actually a question to people who always think to try something new or unusual with a lasting taste. There are various types of liqueurs which satisfy the thirst and are worthy to be part of every bar. The uniqueness and the special taste make brandy, whisky, cognac a perfect partner and there are various alcoholic beverages that are to be tasted once in a while. 

Many people drink without understanding the difference between a few drinks due to lack of ideas regarding the basic ingredients used in preparation as every beverage has a different base ingredient. A few spirits are made by fermenting grains, mostly like barley and a few are prepared using fruits. 

A luxury drink

Cognac is not a new word for people who drink liquor and this is one such drink that is prepared under strict regulations. This is considered to be one of the lavish drinks due to the procedure and pricing  but is undoubtedly one former drink which is blended perfectly. This drink is loaded with fruitiness and is identified as one of the finest drinks. The procedure and the very special grapes make the drink much special and the process of ageing makes the drink totally unique. It is produced in the region of Cognac in France and is a particular drink, which is much popular around people. This is one must-try drink in every social gathering due to its high quality and its free from artificial colouring which stands as a unique drink. 

The French brandy or the higher quality brandy is made using the special grapes that are grown exclusively in the region Cognac in France and this can be considered and the uniqueness of the drink apart from its preparation and ageing. The ageing of this expensive Cognac varies and this is often broken into categories depending on the time. Cognac brandy is distilled wine and is a form of brandy which is preserved for ageing in wooden barrels, mostly oak. The double distillation makes the drink different and even offers an unusual taste.

The popularity and fondness only increase with the quality, age and especially for the fruitful aroma. Cognac is considered to be a traditional cocktail ingredient due to its purity and quality. 

Is Cognac Whisky?

It is a form of brandy made from fermented grapes. And it is true that whisky is mostly prepared in various places, but this cognac is exclusively prepared using specially grown grapes in France. 

  • The basic ingredient used in the preparation of whisky are grains and Cognac is made using fruit that originates in France. 
  • Grapes are the most common fruits, but the Cognac grapes earned a unique image due to their major role in the preparation of cognac. 
  • The old cocktail ingredient comes with a classic touch and is the perfect partner in gatherings. 
  • Most of the drinkers misunderstand cognac to be whisky, but this early cocktail ingredient maintains its floral and fruity taste. 

The cognac is not just fermented grape juice, but there are various additions to the liquid which makes it tasty. Dried figs, Cinnamon, spices and many more give a different touch to the drink. The sophisticated flavour is crafted with several changes and here are a few popular cognac drinks that are much popular are considered to be the luxury French drinks. 

Martell Cordon Bleu Cognac is one known for the spicy touch along with the fruity flavour.  The classy drink is carefully distilled and creates smoothness when added in any cocktail. The cognac which is sweet, soft excites people and the finely prepared cognac always carries this special feature. Along with this Remy Martin Xo is another high-quality cognac which is worthy to try the next time. This drink is a perfect blend of several interesting ingredients that offer a wonderful experience.  The taste is to be enjoyed and it is one perfect drink to have a place in every bar. 

Cognac is made only in France, whereas whisky is made all over the world. This is the major difference between both along with the basic ingredient used in the preparation. The fermentation procedure is even different as every cognac need to undergo double distillation, which holds the fruity taste. Even after blended with several different spices or other ingredients cognac never lose the fruitful taste. So next time when you try any of the varieties of cognac make sure you enjoy it as a fermented fruit juice, which is not available around the globe other than France. 

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