Make you house parties more fun with these Orange Liqueurs!

Orange Liqueur? What’s that? It’s completely normal for you to think something along those lines when you first hear about this but worry not. We are here to tell you why you need to have these tangy and sweet liqueurs in your life! If you intend on mixing up a few batches of frozen margaritas, with hints of bittersweet orange nuances, look for slightly affordable options which will deliver the sweetness and orange flavour in equal measure.

There is a conflicting story behind these orange liqueurs with the origins of Martini and Margarita. It is a topic which has forced many experts to debate and research on. The main categories of these liqueurs also seem to be up for debate as many researchers struggle to categorize them. 

Here are a few points for distinguishing orange liqueurs from each other:

Curacao: This liqueur has its roots in the Caribbean. It is said that when the Spanish planted orange trees, the climatic conditions produced a far bitter fruit that was found, and the dried peels were used in making a new liquor.

This orange liqueur has also been used in classic cocktails like Brandy Cocktail as a sweetener before the popularity of vermouth and drier cocktails came to be. Around the 20th century, curacao producers started to sell the spirit in a plethora of colours.

Triple Sec: Seems that the triple sec was the answer from the french to the dutch curacao. Both the combier and Cointreau made claims to be the first triple sec and remained premium options of triple sec.

The term “triple sec” meant triple try, distilled, as well as third Cointreau recipe which continues to be bottled.

This type of “triple sec” is slightly a more generalised term for orange liqueur and has a reputation for being a low-grade spirit. These qualities can be found in many triple sec bottles which can be bought for very cheap. This is probably the reason why many premium brands of triple sec have not been using this name on their label.

Cointreau Blood Orange Liqueurs

The Master Distiller of la Maison Cointreau sought out the fruitiest and most flavoursome blood oranges in Corsica. The unique combination of the mild Mediterranean climate and the rugged Corsican soil gives the blood orange its vitality intense aromas and exquisite taste. She continued the Cointreau quest in expressing artfully the notes of the fruit and brought a whole new dimension to them through distinctive vibrant notes unique to blood oranges.

Santa Teresa Rhum Orange Liqueurs

A heady blend of sweet Valencian oranges and masterful Venezuelan rum Santa Teresa Rhum Orange Liqueur is a majestically balanced delicious drink.

Solerno Liqueurs

Creation of Hendricks master distiller Lesley Gracie Solerno Liqueur is made exclusively on the island of Sicily Abeauitufl versatile liqueurs made from blood oranges is a superb base spirit for an array of cocktails.

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