Most popular liqueurs that we bet you didn’t know about!

Are you bored of drinking the same kind of alcohol every time you go out? Do you wish you could spice things up with something more flavorful? Whether you want to add a bit of spunk to your drinks, add a dash of sweet and twirl it around a tumbler, or just want to mix up your prosecco, your bar is just not complete without a few liqueurs.

Choosing the right liqueur depends entirely on your personal taste. The many varieties of liqueurs can be overwhelming. Liqueurs are basically a sweet beverage made from a distilled spirit and flavoured with either a fruit, herb, cream or spice.

We give you a list of some amazing liqueurs that will not disappoint you!

1. Grand Marnier

The Grand Marnier is based in cognac and is blended with the essence of bitter oranges to impart a smooth and rich citrus flavour. This unique blend of cognac and bitter oranges has been crafted in the cognac region of France since 1880. Grand marnier can be used to elevate cocktail experiences by adding a twist if it to classic cocktails and boring drinks. Best suited to have had in a tonic.

2. Patron XO Cafe Coffee Liqueur

This coffee liqueur has a blend of premium patrol silver tequila and pure natural essence of coffee. The taste is not as sweet like most coffee liqueurs, but it a bit dry with hints of chocolate and vanilla.

3. Bounty Coconut Rum Liqueurs

This coconut rum is made from macerating coconut extracts with their white rum. It is diluted and more sugar is added to it. Best suited to have with club soda and lime, or a pina colada. Refreshing and smooth, the warm luscious flavour is great for mixing with long drinks with fresh fruits.

4. Boe Peach And Hibiscus Liqueurs

A fragrant gin-based liqueur, it has hints of peach and hibiscus. This berry-rich flavour of hibiscus combined with fresh peaches gives it a fruity, sweet taste.

Created in batches with hand-picked botanicals, the spices are infused in fine neutral grain spirit creating a superior gin. Best suited for a glass of sparkling wine, cocktails or soda or just plain with ice.

5. Baileys Almande Liqueurs

This delicious and light tasting spirit is made from real almond milk. The smooth blend has flavour notes of nuts and real vanilla and creates a versatile drink. Best enjoyed within cocktails or just simply with plain ice.

6. Ancho Reyes Chile Liqueurs

This chilli-infused liqueur from Mexico is a fiery drink that can be used to spruce up any cocktail, like the Margarita. Inspired by the menjurjes, or homemade liqueurs, it is grown on local farms in Puebla and Mexico. The resulting liqueur is 40% ABV.

7. Amaretto Di Antonio Limoncello Liqueurs

This Limoncello Liqueur will make all your Italian dreams come true. With a refreshing citrus zest blended into the liqueur, it is great for pleasing your guests. Make your next house party a smashing success with this lemony wonder!

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