Moving onto classier drinks? Find out which prosecco is best

Prosecco is a sparkling wine just like champagne. Although they might be similar in that aspect, they are grown in very different regions. Champagne comes from a region in France, while Prosecco is made in the north-eastern parts of Italy. These regions span over the Friulio and Vento regions. The two sparkling wines also have varied tastes: Champagne is known to be dry and acidic, and prosecco is sweeter and slightly soft.

It is made from a grape type called glera. Some types of Prosecco are made exclusively from this, and some producers blend it with other grapes like chardonnay. All Prosecco must contain 85 per cent of glera grape by law.

This sparkling wine could prove to be a classy option, and also a much lighter one on your pockets. Champagne is generally more expensive to produce, due to its market positioning and demand. 

So here are our favourite picks and best Prosecco’s to choose from!

Sensi 18K Gold Brut Prosecco

This delightful Prosecco is produced in accordance with the Charmat Method. It has a fruity, pleasant and refreshingly lively palate. It is fresh and has a balanced and creamy finish. An amazing choice for aperitif. Best suited for all courses, extremely versatile and great for holidays.

Bottega Rose Gold Prosecco

Fresh delicate and persistent flavour, this peach liquid carries a distinct flowery aroma and scent notes of strawberries and berries.

This dazzling pink metallic-effect bottle is definitely an attention grabber! A perfect gift for birthdays or anniversaries. The prosecco inside the bottle is also rose itself. With delicate hints of refreshing berries it is the perfect pick for a night out, an evening drink or just to pair with food.

Stelle D’Italia Prosecco

This lively Prosecco comes with a delicate lemony character and a dry, aromatic and refreshing finish. A pale lemon sparkling wine, it comes with a lot of bubbles and a pear palate. A crisp and light acidic wine, with a shirt finish, it makes for a good aperitif.  

Casanova DOC Brut Prosecco

This dry and elegant prosecco is well rounded in acidity. With exceptional taste, this persistent flavoured prosecco has a strong personality. With hints of apple, apricot and peach it is a good aperitif to pair with chicken, turkey, and caviar dishes. Made from glera grapes from vineyards situated on the historic veneto area of the Prosecco DOC. This light yellow coloured prosecco has pleasant and uncharacteristic fruity hints of apple, peach and apricots. A must-try for all Prosecco aficionados!

Sensi 18K Gold Pinot Rose Prosecco

This pale yellow liquid is characterised by its crisp and lingering flavour that brings out the subtle pear and citrus fruit and white flower overtones to the maximum. A very enjoyable and pleasantly dry palate, it is perfect balances with slight acidity and a creamy fizziness. A very versatile sparkling wine, it is an all course prosecco, perfect for an aperitif. Best suited for appetizers, raw fish and seafood. Also highly recommended when paired with chocolate cakes and apple pies.

Follador Superiore Torri di Credazzo Prosecco

This elegant sparkling wine with hints of peach, apple and rose petals comes from a vineyard called Torri di Credazzo. This is Prosecco at it’s best. Best suited for appetizers like shellfish and pasta dishes. Keep this in your home bar to impress your guests!

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