Must have glassware for beer and more

If stocking a bar cart or setting up a home bar is the next thing to do on your list, there’s a large possibility that you have been confused by all the different kinds of cocktail and beer glasses available in the market. If you’re wondering what the differences between a highball glass and collins glass is, it doesn’t have to be so complicated. According to many experts, many cocktail bars only use a few different kinds of glasses to make most of the drinks on their bar menu. While these bartenders know their craft inside out, we give you pointers about how to use the best barware with all the right spirits!


 The Coupe has a classic look that will make your homemade cocktails look as elegant as if they were in a London bar. Extremely versatile glasses, they can be great alternatives for flutes and champagne. They can also be used to serve many different types of cocktails like Manhattans, Aviators, Sidecars and even Martinis!


These aforementioned coupes work just fine, but it’s no match for the iconic martini glass look! We bet you won’t be able to resist the urge to buy those oversized fish-bowl sized ones, cause it won’t end well!


Do you love mimosas as much as we do? Then you might want to invest in these amazing deep flutes for some of that day-time entertainment with your friends!

Wine Goblet

Whoever said that you could drink wine in wine glasses, didn’t quite have an imagination. Don’t overthink wine glass etiquette and invest in at least six of these goblets. Look out for variations of these wine glasses that work for both white and red wine!


A must-have in your home bar, pitchers make sure the beer never runs out, and the good times keep rolling. Just make sure your pitcher is sturdy and made of good quality to avoid any mishaps!

So there it is, you have it! A list of a few essential pieces of barware that you need to keep in your home bar, and impress your house guests!

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