The 7 best-sipping Scotch Whiskey’s of all time

Scotch Whiskey is one of the most sought after drinks in the world today. Owing to its large demand, Scotland has developed numerous distilleries spread across the country to cater to this. This notable tipple is so distinctive that it is even protected by the law. 

This whiskey became a global phenomenon in 1880 thanks to a microscopic insect that preyed on grapevines in France. Brandy and wine used to be the preferred drinks of those days, and when the phylloxera bug began to destroy the vineyards in France, brandy production took a hit and almost came to a halt. People all over the world started to crave for a substitute and the doors to Scotland’s distillers opened wide and Scotch whisky became the world’s leading drink.

The Scotch world can be quite varied and intimidating. From light to heathery to medicinal and smoky, there is a flavour for every and any palate. We give you 7 best whiskeys to choose from!


1.The Macallan Single Malt

One of the best Whiskeys known today, Macallan has earned itself a well-deserved spot on our top 7 list of best scotch whiskies of all time. Despite the enlarged price tag, we think it is worth the buck to spend on this single malt scotch. 

This scotch has an aroma which reminds you of ginger, dried cherries with vanilla and butterscotch. The flavour and palate are lightly sweet and taste of thick sultanas, orange marmalade and cream. The whiskey finishes with smooth dried fruit and vanilla aftertaste. 

2. Highland Park 18 Year Whisky 

This 18-year-old whisky went through a redesign in 2017 and got a new sub name called ‘Viking Pride’. The single malt is still complex, rich and just as delicious as before.

This rich amber whisky has a sweet peat smell with notes of sherry, orange, vanilla and cinnamon.

The strong malt kicks in just and the peat becomes stronger. Other flavour notes that can be tasted are oak, vanilla and lemon. It has a long and rich finish with different sensational flavour notes. It is said to be the perfect mix of smoke and peat against the light flavour. A great single malt scotch by all standards.

3. Talisker

This 10-year-old whiskey is a massive success as it represents the island Diageo’s Classic Malts series. Talisker’s profile keeps becoming more intense as more people discover it’s intense coastal spicy and peaty character.

With an aroma of seaside air and smoke, the flavour notes and palate remind you of apples, pears and has an intense smoky and peaty side. The whisky has a smooth finish hinting towards malted barley. 

4. Glen Garioch

Founded in 1797, it is one of Scotland’s oldest distilleries still in production. Situated in the Eastern highlands, it is renowned for its ageing potential owing to superlative older bottling through the years.

With a sharp honey colour, this whisky has an aroma of floral notes that are well balanced with the richness of poached pears and sweetness of malted barley. There is a lingering taste of light oakiness and pear fruit leading to a creamy, smooth and fragrant finish.

5. Chivas XV

This 15-year-old blended scotch comes in a Grande Champagne Cognac Finish. This blended whisky has a luxurious sweet taste thanks to it’s carefully selected cask. A must-have in your collection of Scotch whisky, the Chivas has strong powerful orange and peach notes, followed by juicy barley after note.

This whisky boasts of strong fruity flavours like poached pears mingled with butterscotch and caramel mixed into a smooth texture.

6. Lagavulin 16 Year Old

This much sought after single malt is a deep dry and peaty drink. Typically smoky like it’s southern Island malt counterparts, it is probably the most pungent of all. Not for the weak-hearted, this scotch offers incredible richness and dryness that makes it a truly unique tipple. 

This strong single malt has a distinct sweetness to it with hints of Indian spices. It has a warm and smooth peppery finish to it.

7. Monkey Shoulder

This scotch is a mix of three Speyside single malts and pairs well with mixers even on its own.  Smooth, sweet and easy to drink, this blended malt whiskey from William Grant has a creamy supple and smooth texture to it. Known for it’s vanilla, spice and floral flavour notes, it works superbly well with ice, neat or whisky cocktails.

We are completely sold on the whisky’s above and think they really make the cut for the best sipping whiskies of all time. Whether you’re a seasoned drinker or a beginner looking for palates and tastes to explore, this list will provide you with varied tastes and different palates to suit everyone’s needs.

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