The Real Difference Between Whiskey and Bourbon?

“All bourbon is whiskey, but not all whiskey is bourbon.” 

If you’ve ever wondered what this meant and thought about the differences between these similar-looking liquors, you’ve come to the right place. They’re not the same, and you are mistaken if you think so! We are here to help you distinguish between whisky and bourbon.

It boils down to the Geography 

Whisky is a spirit which is distilled from fermented blended grains, usually corn, rye, barley and wheat. This blend is called a mash bill. The ratio of the grains makes up the mash bill depending on their ratio. The resulting liquid is then segregated into Bourbon or Whisky. 

Another basic but important difference is geography. Whisky is produced stateside and this alcoholic beverage is made from fermented grain mash (barley, rye, corn or wheat). It is usually aged in charred white oak casks, which gives it it’s distinctive brown colour. This spirit is broadly categorised and can have many variations in taste, smell and colour.

Grain Fermentation is an essential factor

Bourbon, on the other hand, comes from an are in Kentucky called “Old bourbon”. It is a whisky which is distilled from corn. For a whisky to be classified as bourbon, the grain mash must consist of 51 per cent corn. The law also states that the mixture must be stored charred containers that cannot have any additives. 

This spirit is a drink which is often linked with the south – Kentucky. It has been around since the middle of the 1800s. Kentucky has been the home of almost $9 Billion industry and boats of having almost 70 distilleries till the year 2018. 

Bourbon regulations have been very strict because in the 1800s this spirit was highly diluted and tampered with. The bottle in Bond act of 1897 set some standards which allowed this alcohol to only be the product of one distillation season or one distiller at a distillery. 

We give you a low down on our favourite Bourbon and Whiskys!

1. Bulleit Bourbon

This rich russet bourbon has an oaky aroma and a clean, dry taste. The mellow and smooth drink is not hot when it hits the throat. This Kentucky Bourbon has a great complex hint of vanilla honey and a long smoky finish.

2. Jim Beam

This distinct bold bourbon rich flavour has a deep oaky taste with lots of caramel hints. It has a full-bodied palate with hints of vanilla and intense oaky notes. It has a long and smooth finish with a hint of sweetness.

3. Chivas Regal

This scotch whisky is known and loved for its dark chocolate, caramel and ginger flavour notes. This warm amber liquid has a soft melon aroma with creamy toffee flavours. It has a smooth round and sweet finish.

4. Amrut

This golden yellow spirit has distinctive liquorice-bourbon notes with a bittersweet hint. It also has toffee and honeycomb flavour notes. The rich palate and barley-oak sweetness give it a silky touch and a creamy toffee aftertaste. 

An amazing dram that should be tried by every whisky drinker!

5. Jack Daniels

This clear whisky owes its rich colour to the charred barrels it is matured in. It has a smooth smell with a woody and fruity undertone. This spirit has a caramelly aftertaste with notes of vanilla and a signature oak taste! A must-have for the Whisky lover!

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