We will tell you how beer is made!

Without question, the greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer. Oh, I grant you that the wheel was also a fine invention, but the wheel does not go nearly as well with pizza.’ – Dave Barry

Let’s talk about the ingredients first

In simple layman’s terms, beer is made using four basic ingredients: barley, water, hops, and yeast. The process starts with extracting the sugars from the grain which is usually barley, and then yeast is used to turn it into sugars and Co2 which is then converted to your very own beer!

How beer is made


This stage involves harvesting the grains and processing them through heating, drying them out and cracking. More often not, the preferred grain for making beer is barley but sometimes wheat and rye are also used for making beer. Malting isolates the enzymes in the grains which pave way for the next step in beer making. 


Mashing, as the name suggests, is the process in which the grain is put in hot but not boiling water for almost an hour and the mix keeps brewing slowly. The enzymes that were isolated by malting are now activated through this process and they start to break down to release sugars. Once this step is complete the water with the released sugar is strained off from the grain. This sweet and sticky liquid is called wort and this forms the base of the beer.


The wort or the strained sweet liquid is then boiled for over an hour and during this time hops and other spices are added to it continuously. If you are wondering what hops are, well they are small and green cone-shaped fruits that come from a vine plant. The wort is simply sugar and water. The hops with their bitterness balance out the excess sugar along with adding flavour to it. Another reason for adding hops is their natural preservative nature which is very important for something that is going to stay bottled for long.


After the wort has cooled down and has been strained and filtered it is put into a fermenting vessel. Yeast is added to it to start the fermentation process. This liquid or beer is now stored for a few weeks at room temperature or for several weeks at cold temperatures. When storing the beer at room temperature it is done to make ales and in the case of lagers, the beer is stored at cold temperatures.  This is the stage when the yeast starts to work on beer by absorbing all the sugar from the wort and releasing CO2 and alcohol as waste products.

Bottling and Aging

Now that your beer is made what is left to do is bottle and age it but it is very flat at this stage because it is non-carbonated. Carbonation gives beer the beer head or the foam head it is known for. There are two ways of carbonating beer. It is either done artificially like a normal soda or if it is allowed to age then the CO2 produced by yeast does this work of adding carbonation to the beer. In the second process, the beer is made to age for a few weeks or months and is ready to foam at your table.

And that is how ladies and gentleman beer is made!

Some beer brands you must try the next you plan that barbeque with friends


Anchor is into ale, porter, steam beer and brown beer and all these variants are a must-try. Their brewing liberty ale is made through conventional brewing methods and has all-natural ingredients only; right from pale malted barley and fresh whole-cone Cascade hops to a special top-fermenting yeast. Anchor Brewing Porter Beer has a lush black color with a smoky aroma. It gives out a charred and creamy chocolate flavor profile and is perfect for serving with the dessert course.


Beck’s blue alcohol-free beer is a non-alcoholic variant of beer but the taste of this beer would not disappoint you at all. With only 53 calories per bottle, this fat-free beer is for all health freaks who want to have a drink as refreshing as beer but without compromising on the healthy note. Beck’s premium lager comes in a golden hue and with a rich foam head. It feels crisp and dry and has a fruity hint to it. 


Brasserie D Achouffe Houblon Chouffe Dobbelen IPA Tripel Beer is one pick in beers that is going to wow you instantly with its perfect balance of fruity and bitter taste which comes from three different varieties of hops used in it. Planning to have a European cuisine for lunch? Then this beer will go well with it.

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