Your party guide: Which Tequila is best?

Tequila is usually described as silver- plata or blano in Spanish or white, reposado and añejo. White tequila is clear and suitable to be used as mixers, the ones which are usually mixed in margaritas. Reposado tequila is what is left to mature for the last few months but can potentially take almost a year to get that mellow taste and golden colour. Añejo tequila is left for over a year and brings a deep gold or brown colour with complex flavours. 

Tequila is often had neat in Mexico, followed by a fruity sangria. The rest of the world usually accompanies it with a dash of salt and a slice of lime! The salt is used to reduce the burn of tequila as it goes down your throat.

If you’re already wincing at the thought of having hot tequila run down your throat, you’ll be relieved to know that there are many higher quality tequilas that have no such effect. They are made to be sipped and not gulped! There is an amazing range of tequilas that can be used in cocktails, sipped on the rocks or just gulped down if that is how you roll!

We give you our top picks to help you chose the best tequila available!

Olmeca Altos Plata Tequila

This light ambered tequila has a light roasted agave and an allspice smell. It is distilled in the Olmeca Tequila distillery, Mexico. It’s smooth, sweet and bold flavour makes it an excellent choice for shots. This delicious liqueur is renowned for its zesty orange, black pepper, and vanilla flavour notes. With a powerful flavour, this tequila goes down with a smooth finish. A definite crowd-pleaser your party!

Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia

With rich notes of creamy caramel, honey and toasted oak, it also has hints of herbs. It has a strong palate and is agave to the fore with notes of allspice, caramel sweetness, coffee beans and oak. This tequila is toasty and rich and goes warmly down your throat with a long finish. Be the perfect host with this delightful bottle of tequila which will woo your friends!

Don Julio 1942

This typical tequila has distinctive notes of vanilla, oak, agave and fruit. This golden-hued tequila is aged for at least two-and-a-half years. With scents of toffee and vanilla, it is extremely delightful on the nose. While sipping the Don Julio 1942, you will be surprised by the roasted agave, vanilla and tropical fruit undertones of the spice. This tequila can be enjoyed amongst friends, family corporate retreats or just as a custom gourmet basket!

Patron silver tequila

This light pale straw coloured tequila has scents of caramel, agave, honey and white pepper. The palate is strong, being spicy and sweet at the same time. It has touches of earthy agave, hints of vanilla and honey caramel sweetness to it. It lingers in your mouth for a while with a full pepper and spice palate. It goes down well and has a smooth finish while balancing the best of silver and anejo. It is great for using as a mixer or just sipping on the rocks! Treat your guests to this amazing tequila while being awarded the best host tag!

Ocho 8 tequila

This slightly citrusy tequila with marzipan accents has a full ripe agave nose while opening up to rounded sweetness. It’s intense and forward agave flavour develops into a sweet fruitiness. While sipping on this tequila you can also taste nuances of pepper, citrus and earth. Well balanced and smooth despite the intensity of the flavours, it has a long and smooth finish. 

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