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Extra care to safeguard from Covid-19

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Due to current COVID-19 situation all deliveries are delayed. But rest assured we are working day and night to deliver all the orders. SEE DELIVERY UPDATES

As COVID-19 tightens its grip over all of United Kingdom, more and more suppliers and manufacturers choose to self isolate and ration out the limited supplies and decreasing product range. This has dampened our spirits as we strive to serve each and every customer. Hence we are TEMPORARILY suspending Grocery section till supplies are back to normal. We ensure full commitment to all our customers and will keep you updated.

Currently, as the COVID 19 situation have evolved many people have chosen to self isolate themselves and their families. This has given us a sudden influx of orders. At the same time, we are also maintaining best hygiene for the care and safety of our staff as well as our customers. We are doing our best to accommodate the situation and will carry on with the deliveries at a fast pace.

We, however, request you to empathise with our situation and understand that there will be some delays. We are also being considerate to our staff as some of them have chosen to self isolate. Kindly allow us some time to make sure that you receive your delivery for all orders in and around London. we are already doing dispatches at a fast pace and you will get a message when your order is on the way.

There is a huge uncertainty in getting supplies as well both in terms of availability and the time taken to do purchases. Fortunately, most of our alcoholic products are manufactured in the UK and were delivered to our warehouse from our vendors based all over the UK. With the change in circumstances due to COVID-19, our vendors have faced issues with deliveries and as most of their staff are not attending work and are going into self isolation. This makes it difficult for them to process our orders as easily as they did before. We have run out of packaging as our supplier has failed to deliver packaging as promised as their supply chains are disturbed as well. We on the other hand are having to hire more people for packaging, deliveries and towards the general management of the orders. We are having to train them and as well as maintain limited contact between staff.

Our cost towards the management of the whole process has risen considerably i.e. sending our own drivers to collect goods from our vendors and to manage the waiting times as vendors are limiting entry to a fewer number of people at a given time. We are only helpless in terms of product procurement. We normally always have sufficient stocks for the entire product range but with the sudden surge in demand we are finding it hard to cope as the suppliers have also limited their supplies. We are currently in the process of doing bulk purchases so that the situation can be managed. We are however not changing our prices as you may have seen others charging times the original prices.

We are managing the situation as best we can and we would have complete control of the same by next Friday the 27 March 2020. From there on, we would have gained momentum and you can expect normal running of the business. Until then kindly allow some time for us to process your orders. We value and respect your custom but we hope that you will consider and understand our situation amidst all this. Incase your order is urgent and you cannot afford the delay, kindly let us know and we will refund your order.

If in case, we are out of stock in certain items, we will contact you and offer alternatives. Incase we cannot provide you a suitable alternative, we will refund your payment. We regret the inconvenience caused but we are working hard to pull our team together and keep their morale high and bear assurance of their safety. Kindly maintain distance and they will also try to maintain the same as best possible. Please bear with us and understand our position. We are also trying to add some groceries to our website, as we feel since we are going to be delivering, it may help people to order general groceries as well. We will email update you as we add more categories. Keep checking our website for more updates on the same.

Your Contact-less Delivery

  1. We are constantly disinfecting the packaging surfaces every hour to make sure a high level of hygiene is maintained.
  2. Staff are constantly told to maintain a good hygiene level by washing their hands every hour.
  3. Mutual contact between staff has also been limited. We are refraining from shaking hands to keep our hygiene secure.
  4. Drivers have been asked to wait in their cars in an effort to reduce contact between all workers.

Why Choose liqroo ?

Our drivers will be ringing the bell before delivery and wait to check that the person receiving the delivery looks over 25 years. If that is so they will put the delivery down at a safe distance and allow the person to collect it without coming close.
  • All our tools are disinfected at regular intervals
  • The body temperature of our delivery drivers are checked on a regular intervals. In case a driver appears to be feverish, they will be immediately asked to go home and get themselves checked.
  • Type your requirement of contactless delivery in the notes. Simply type 'contactless'
  • Incase you have missed that give us a call at 0203-8088-336 and mention your order number & contactless delivery requirement, we shall take care of the same.

Liqroo - Contact-Less Deliveries

We are doing every effort to help fight against Coronavirus. In case you have any questions regarding Coronavirus and our deliveries, feel free to contact us. We are actively in touch with the health department and we will keep you updated as the situation evolves.
During this time, we will do everything we can to maintain a steady supply of stocks. We will take all necessary precautions towards your safety.

Order with confidence in Uncertain times

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For all the latest official information on Coronavirus (COVID-19), please visit Public Health England and NHS websites.