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You choose when you’ll work

You will be your own boss and can log in anytime to check the ongoing options and select what best suits you. You’ll be self-employed and will be working as per your availability. The Liqroo driver app will help you schedule your day plan in the way that you want and you can earn extra everyday by picking available drops.

You'll need to have

  • A car, scooter, motorbike or bicycle with the necessary safety equipment

  • A smartphone – Android (5.0 and above) iPhone (iOS 10 and above)

  • Document proof of your right to work in the UK

Drop earnings

Make as much

as £100 a day.

Bonus earnings

Get additional bonus every time you complete certain number of trips with us. Keep 100% of all your tips.


You will get rated for all your drops. 

A higher rating will bring you more drop notifications and  perks from Liqroo.

Refer a friend

Earn upto £100* on any other drivers that you bring into our network.

“Now I can earn extra in my free time and I love the constant buzz of the drop notifications.

Time is Liqroo’s main priority, they want their customers happy and I love being a part of that mission. Highly recommended!”

- John Jacob

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