1.1 This website www.liqroo.com is operated by Liqroo Limited ("we", "us" or "our"). The registered company address for Liqroo Limited is Trust House, St James Business Park, Bradford, West Yorkshire BD1 5LL. Registered in England. Company registration number: 11465650. Liqroo Limited is also referred to as Liqroo. The mention of the term website in this document will also include related Liqroo android & Liqroo iOS applications. By using the www.liqroo.com website you are bound by these Terms & Conditions. All use and purchases made on this website are governed by these Terms & Conditions at any time although the Terms & Conditions governing any given use or purchase will be those in effect at the date of your order or specific use. If you use or order goods after we have published any changes you will be bound by those changes. Accordingly, you should check prior to each use or order to ensure that you understand the precise Terms & Conditions applicable to your site visit or purchase. To assist you in determining whether the Terms & Conditions have changed since your most recent order we will display the date when these Terms & Conditions were most recently updated.

1.2 We sell goods only to end-users.

1.3 We will confirm your order whether placed directly by using the www.liqroo.com website. This will occur either by message on the website immediately after you have confirmed your order, or by us sending an e-mail to the e-mail address you have provided to us.

1.4 Liqroo Limited is an online company and we do not make direct sales from the warehouse.

1.5 Alcohol and other goods can only be delivered to a residential or business address.

1.6 Full address details, including postcode, must be given when placing an order.

1.7 Drivers will not deliver to any person anywhere other than at the residential or business address given when the order was placed.

1.8 Delivery will be refused if the driver considers the person receiving the delivery to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

1.9 Challenge 25 - if the delivery driver considers that the recipient of alcohol appears under 25 recognized photographic identification shall be requested before any alcohol is handed over. No ID no delivery.

1.10 Acceptable proof of age shall include identification bearing the customer’s photograph, date of birth and integral holographic mark or security measure. Suitable means of identification would include PASS approved proof of age card, photo-card driving licence and passport.

1.11 All drivers employed by us will have a minimum age of 18 years.

1.12 Delivery will also be refused if driver believes the alcohol being purchased on behalf of another person who is not 18.

1.13I t is a criminal offence for a person under 18 to purchase or attempt to purchase alcohol and that it is also an offence to purchase alcohol on behalf of a person under 18.

1.14 If delivery is not made for any reason the driver will return the order to the store.

1.15 All refusals/incidents will be recorded.

1.16 Please note that the order confirmation does not constitute our acceptance of your order. Subject to our cancellation rights in clause 11, acceptance of your order and completion of the contract will take place when we dispatch the goods to you.

1.17 After confirmation of the order, any items added before the cut-off time will automatically form part of that order.

1.18 Any orders placed may be amended or cancelled by the customer at no charge, provided that this is done before the cut-off time stated on the order confirmation email or if none, as set out in clause 6 below. Any orders that have not been cancelled by this cut-off time are binding, and will be delivered by Liqroo as set out in clause 1.3.

1.19 You must be 18 years old or over and must have completed the registration process in order to participate in our service.



2.1 The price of goods will be as quoted on the website or apps at the time you confirm your order (usually by clicking the "checkout" button) subject only to any inadvertent technical error for which we will not be liable. If you subsequently amend your order to add items, the prices charged for new products which were not in your original order will be the prices quoted at the time you confirm your amended order. However, if you add more of the same items which were in your original order, then the prices charged for these items will be the prices quoted at the time you confirmed your original order. Where a substitute item is offered in place of an item ordered, the price charged for that substitute item (if accepted) will be the price applicable at the time the item is substituted. Please note that as promotions are offered for a limited period of time subsequent amendments to your order may mean that certain promotions are no longer being offered.

2.2 The prices stated on the website will be inclusive of any VAT payable.

2.3 Each order you make may include a charge for delivery. If your delivery is subject to a delivery charge, it will be shown to you as a separate charge on the delivery confirmation page before you confirm your order. Any delivery charge added to your order will be dependent upon, among other things, the value of your order, the date and time of your delivery and your delivery address and charges may vary from week to week.

2.4 There is a minimum order requirement of £40 (excluding delivery charges) for every order placed. The Christmas delivery period is from 20 December to 24 December inclusive. The Christmas delivery charges will vary from usual at that time (as determined by Liqroo).



3.1 We accept payment by cash, credit or debit card. We also accept payment by Liqroo Vouchers. No other voucher, coupons and cheques will be accepted as a method of payment.

3.2 The debit and credit cards accepted by us are those listed on the website and apps on the date on which your order is placed.

3.3 Authority for payment will be requested from your card issuer between the time of your order being placed and when it is delivered. This is done by 'reserving' against the card you have used for payment. The amount that is ‘reserved’ will either be the estimated amount of your order, or £1. That amount is not spent by you until we 'debit' your card with the full price of your order, and the latter happens after we have delivered your shopping to you. We reserve the right to cancel your order if we are refused authority for payment or reasonably believe that payment will be refused at any stage.

3.4 You agree to compensate us in full against all reasonable costs expenses and outgoings incurred by us in obtaining payments from you in the event a failed payment occurs. This may include an administration charge of not less than £20. We may at any time after a failed payment has occurred ask a debt collection agency to collect payment from you.



4.1 Delivery days and times will be as specified on the delivery booking page on the website and will be made to the address specified by you when you register on the website. You have the ability to change this address through the "Details & Settings" featured on the website, and you must do so if you move home so that we can deliver to the correct address. We reserve the right to restrict deliveries in certain areas, and this includes the right to eliminate certain areas from our delivery schedule altogether.

4.2 Products are subject to availability and prevailing market conditions. We may limit the quantities of goods (particularly goods on special offer) supplied to any one customer if in our opinion the quantity ordered jeopardises availability for other customers. In the event of non-availability of any goods you order, we may offer a reasonable substitute. This may affect the price you pay. You may reject any substitute item and we will refund the amount you have been charged for that substitute. It is our policy to identify any substitute items to you at the time of delivery and give you the opportunity to accept or reject the item at that time.

4.3 We will always try to supply you with the full quantity that you have ordered. If you are not satisfied with the quantity you have received we will arrange with you for non-perishable goods to be returned to us (please note that the goods must not be used and must be in good condition). In the event that the goods delivered to you are incomplete or include incorrect goods, you must notify us promptly. You will not be charged for any incorrect goods or goods which you have not received. In any event, subject to clause 7.1 below, our liability will be limited to the price of the goods not delivered or incorrectly delivered and the cost of delivery.

4.4 We take special care to endeavor that deliveries are made the next day and accordingly, it is your responsibility to ensure that an appropriate person over the age of 18 years is available at the delivery address at all times during the delivery slot. We may ask that an appropriate person signs for the goods on delivery. If no one is at the address when the delivery is attempted the goods will be retained by us. We will leave notification of delivery and will telephone to attempt to rearrange the delivery.

4.5 Please note adverse weather conditions or other events outside of our reasonable control may result in the occasional late or cancelled delivery. If that is the case we will endeavor to contact you as soon as we are able to in order to reschedule your delivery time and date. In any event, subject to clause 7.1 below, our liability to you will be limited to the price of goods not delivered and the cost of delivery.

4.6 Should you fail to be present for your delivery we are entitled to charge you in full for an amount equal to the price of perishable items contained in your order and the cost of delivery.

4.7 Liqroo will only make deliveries when an appropriate person over the age of 18 years is able to receive the delivery.



5.1 We advise that you inspect the goods promptly at the time of delivery and notify us of any defects promptly after delivery. If you discover a product is faulty, please call our Customer Service team as soon as possible on 0203 8088 336 or email contact@liqroo.com. If you've received an order in the last 48 hours, you can request a refund, please email us at contact@liqroo.com or call us on 0203 8088 336. We will arrange with you for the goods to be returned to us. On receipt of the goods, we will promptly and fully refund the price of any goods that do not meet with your reasonable satisfaction or arrange for the delivery of replacement goods.

5.2 As a consumer, you have certain legal rights regarding the return of faulty or misdescribed goods. Our refund procedure described above does not affect your legal rights in relation to such goods. Our returns policy is in accordance with statutory rights under the Consumer Contracts Regulations. For further information about your legal rights contact your local authority Trading Standards Department, or Citizens Advice.



6.1 The confirmation e-mail you receive from us confirming your order, will set out the last time that, you may amend your order prior to delivery. The same day and Express i.e. 60 minute or 90 minutes order are not subject to this condition i.e those cannot be amended or cancelled once placed. You can still call to cancel it on 0203 8088336, we will check where it is in the delivery process and try to cancel but it cannot be guaranteed. You will still have the right to return it.

6.2 In respect of non-perishable items, you have the right to cancel the contract at any time until the expiry of the 14th working day after the date of delivery of the goods by notifying us by telephone or e-mail. We ask that items are returned in to us with their original packaging and with any tags intact. In the case of items which include a hygiene or security seal, we ask that you exercise reasonable care by not removing the seals while examining the goods, unless you are certain that you intend to keep the goods. In the event that any seals or tags are removed or tampered with, we shall not permit that item to be returned nor shall we refund the cost of this item to you.

6.3 In the case of perishable items you do not have the right to cancel the contract. Should you wish to cancel your order after the cut off period but prior to the time of delivery, we shall be entitled to charge you in full for an amount equal to the price of the perishable items contained in your order.

6.4 We will arrange with you for cancelled non-perishable goods to be returned to us, and we will credit your payment card with the price of such goods within 30 days from the date you returned the goods to us (provided payment has already been debited to your payment card). If you choose to return goods by post you will be responsible for the cost of postage.

6.5 The delivery timelines are a guideline only and while we endeavor to fulfill these at all times, the order delivery within the exact timeline cannot be guaranteed and liqroo cannot be held liable for that.



7.1 Nothing in these Terms & Conditions will restrict our liability for death or personal injury resulting from our negligence, breach of contract or breach of statutory duty, nor will any of these terms restrict any of your statutory rights. For further information about your statutory rights, contact your local authority Trading Standards Department or Citizen's Advice Bureau.

7.2 In addition to paragraph 4.4, we will not be deemed to be in breach of contract or of these Terms & Conditions as a result of any delay in our performance or failure to perform our obligations if that delay or failure to perform is due to any cause or circumstance beyond our reasonable control including, but not limited to, fire, flood and other acts of God, strikes, riot, accident, disruption to energy supplies, civil commotion, acts of terrorism or war, breakdown of equipment, road traffic problems.

7.3 Other than as set out in clause 7.1, our maximum liability arising out of any order for the supply of goods to you under this contract will be limited to the retail price of the goods contained in that order.



8.1 Telephone calls made to and from our Customer Service team are recorded for quality and monitoring purposes.

8.2 In assessing your request for delivery of orders from us we may make enquiries about you including searching your records held by organisations like Experian and Equifax and credit reference agencies. We may also check your details held by the IMRG Security Alert scheme and other fraud prevention schemes.

8.3 We respect your privacy. The personal information that you give us is held with care and security. We do not sell, rent or transfer this information to third parties for their marketing purposes unless you agree otherwise. We will share your personal information with other businesses operated by members of the Liqroo Limited provided that they follow practices at least as protective as those described in the Liqroo privacy policy.

8.4 Please keep your password secret, as you are entirely responsible if you do not maintain the confidentiality of your password. You are entirely responsible for all orders placed with us or information given to us under your e-mail address in combination with your password. You must immediately notify us of any unauthorised use of your e-mail address and/or password or any breach of security known to you.



9.1 Any Customer complaints should be addressed to the Liqroo Customer Service Helpline you will find an e-mail link or address and telephone numbers listed on our website in the "Contact Us" section.



10.1 From time to time, and in our complete discretion, purchases of goods may be subject to special offers. In the event that such a special offer applies to your purchase, the terms of such special offer shall be subject to these Terms & Conditions. If there is any conflict between the terms of a special offer and these Terms & Conditions, these Terms & Conditions shall prevail unless specifically excluded.

10.2 We may change the terms of special offers, or withdraw them altogether, at any time and without prior notice. Subject to clauses 2.1(a) and 4.2, we will honor at the offer price any order placed by you before an offer ends, or is amended or withdrawn.

10.3 We reserve the right to offer in our complete discretion different customers different special offers, promotions and the ability to enter different competitions.



11.1 We reserve the right to cancel your delivery at any time if we suspect fraud, have reason to believe you are in breach of these Terms and Conditions or any other terms and conditions relating to your order, or if there is an outstanding payment for any account registered at your address. In the event that we cancel your order, you will receive email notification and will be invited to contact our call centre on 0203 8088 336.

11.2 In addition to our right to cancel your order in accordance with clause 11.1 , we reserve the right to suspend your account. Your account will remain suspended until you contact our call centre on 0203 8088 336 and remedy any breaches which are capable of remedy, or provide any information reasonably requested by our call centre advisers to enable them to reactivate your account.

11.3 In the rare event that unforeseen operational or technical issues occur, we may need to cancel or rearrange delivery. If this happens we will endeavor to contact you to arrange an alternative delivery date.



12.1 If any of these Terms & Conditions is held by any court of competent authority to be unlawful, invalid or unenforceable, in whole or in part, this will not affect the validity of the remaining Terms & Conditions which will continue to be valid and enforceable to the fullest extent permitted by law.

12.2 All copyright, trademarks and all other intellectual property rights in all material or content supplied as part of this website shall remain at all times vested in us or our licensors. You are permitted to use the material data and content only for your personal use in placing orders through www.liqroo.com, and you may not otherwise copy, reproduce, transmit, publish, display, distribute, commercially exploit, use or create derivative works of any material data and content on the www.liqroo.com website without Liqroo's prior written permission. Liqroo may impose a fee on any proposed use of the material data and content contained on its website, other than for placing orders through the www.liqroo.com website.

12.3 These Terms & Conditions will be governed by English law and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts in relation to any dispute which may arise between them.



13.1 Liqroo reserves the right to withdraw any given offer at any time without any prior notice.

13.2 The customer cannot claim any additional payment than their payment made in case company is unable to deliver desired products against the order placed.This could be due to the unavailability of the stock or for any other reason. Liqroo is not bound and can withdraw the offer at any time.

13.3 Liqroo will not be responsible for any consequential damages if the order does not get fulfilled for any reason.

13.4 Liqroo always makes the best effort to accomplish your order within the given timeline but however Liqroo cannot guarantee the availability of all products at all times therefore in that event, a company representative will call, email or text to discuss offer substitutes and or finally refund upto the maximum of the amount actually paid by the customer for that particular order only.

13.5 Due to the amount of order that we receive, there can be delays and uncertainties. Customer cannot make any claims for any delays in delivery.

13.6 Liqroo is putting its best effort by extending free next day delivery for customers in London and within M25. There could be an event where deliveries could be delayed due to any reason and the company would not be liable for any claims due to the delay caused.